Projects are never completed on time or on budget

A properly managed project will rarely miss its completion date or overrun its budget. Both problems may be due to a) insufficient planning, b) insufficient project tracking, c) insufficient risk management, and/or d) insufficient project leader authority. “Never completing on time or on budget”, or “often failing to complete on time or on budget”, would be indicate big systemic problems. A thorough review and revision of project management practices in the company would be warranted. “Certain projects not completing on time or on budget” is more typical and may be due to certain project leaders being deficient in one or more project leadership skills or due to certain line managers undermining project leader authority. An in-depth analysis of the particular project team may be required to tease out the underlying issues. You may find some useful information in the Section Progress Tracking, especially the Section Detailed Project Planning or the Section Resource Tracking.

If you would like to have project management practices reviewed within your company or have an in-depth analysis of a particular project team, please contact us. We will survey and contrast actual project management practices with Best Practice, recommend actions to resolve issues, and provide support to an in-house action plan team. We have experience with in-house project leader training and would be happy to arrange an in-house training that fits your needs. We also conduct project leader workshops and would be happy to discuss that option with you or with the particular project leaders.