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Your company has its own needs.  We can help you find the fit for purpose solution that is based on best practice. We are especially attuned to the needs of Drug Discovery organizations.

We can help you with

  • Project and Portfolio Management
  • Drug Discovery Management
  • Project Leader Training & Coaching
  • Project and Portfolio Data Analysis
  • CROs and collaborators interfacing with bio/pharmaceutical companies*

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* Many types of organizations interface with bio/pharmaceutical companies.  They may be focused on a particular need of the bio/pharmaceutical companies and therefore lack “the big picture”.  We provide training in the workings of the Discovery and Development Pipeline that lets collaborators

  • see how it all fits together into a continuum
  • understand how their decisions can have downstream consequences
  • what types of expertise are needed at different stages in the pipeline
  • how these various experts need to work in harmony in a project team even when they may not be employed by the same company.

If you or your staff would be interested in such a training, please Contact Us.

Best Practice vs Fit for Purpose

1. Best Practice

Given the tremendous pressures on the bio/pharmaceutical industry, it is no wonder that the industry is intensely engaged in a reconsideration of how it develops drugs.  It is our position that many of the lessons learned from the way drugs have been developed will always apply to Bio/pharmaceutical R&D no matter what organizational models are adopted by drug companies.

This website intends to enumerate these lessons and provide them to the community as guidelines to success regardless of the particular style of management organization.  Its emphasis is on Portfolio Management, and in particular, Best Practice for Discovery Portfolio Management.  Readers in Development Portfolio Management or other pursuits within the Bio/pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Life Sciences Industry are likely to find useful information here as well.

2. Fit for Purpose

Best Practice may not address the specific needs of any bio/pharmaceutical organization.  It is important that the organizational structure and tools for project and portfolio management are fit for purpose, that they fill the specific needs of the organization.  Nonetheless, it behooves the organization to consider Best Practice when the need to improve arises.  Please refer to the Section Levels of Project and Portfolio Management.

We can help you find the fit for purpose solution that is based on best practice – please Contact Us.