Qualities of a Good Project Leader

As was noted earlier, project leaders are typically drawn from the scientific staff in Discovery. In Development this may also occur but more attention tends to be paid in Development towards the level of training and professionalism in project leaders especially with respect to project tracking and reporting, which tends to be more formal in Development.

We have created a downloadable PDF file on this subject, “Qualities of a Good Project Leader” which we welcome you to consider.

This whitepaper describes the qualities of a good project leader, and pursues the following points.

1. The Project Leader and the Project Team
2. Discovery Project Leader vs. Discovery Program Leader
3. Discovery Project Leader – what to expect
3. a. Out of the Comfort Zone – Learning to Manage Others
3. b. The Boss – Needs to Value Project Leadership
3. c. Line Managers – The Team Line Representatives’ Bosses
3.d. Discovery Project Team Meeting Styles – Scientific versus business style
4. Development Project Leader – what to expect
5. Project Leader vs Project Manager

To access this PDF file entitled, “Qualities of a Good Project Leader”, please go to downloads.