Qualities of a Good Team Representative

Each team representative needs to be fully aware of the work going on within the department that he or she represents. Ideally the staff members that do the work would report to the Team Representative, but especially in Discovery this may not be feasible since each staff member may work on more than one project.

The team representative then needs to have a good rapport with both the staff member and that person’s boss, and the three must agree to the necessity of the staff member providing work updates to more than one person.Since departmental methods for managing such triangular relationships may vary it is best for the project leader to understand and accept these relationships.

But the project team leader must insist on the representative providing timely reports on progress, the likelihood of the work being completed on time, issues that may impact delivery and completion date and plans to resolve such issues. It should be assumed that the project team leader does not need to know about cost and equipment, unless these present issues to delivery and completion date. The line rep should be given sufficient authority to speak on behalf of the department at the project team meeting.