Keep it Simple

It is critical that the style of project tracking follows the needs of the Discovery and Development groups – Keep it Simple. Gantt Charts are great, but a tough sell in Drug Discovery.

What are some viable approaches to tracking progress?

Project Leader Based Progress Tracking. Tracking progress should be a major role for the project leader. But when the project leader is a volunteer, s/he may be reluctant to engage in project tracking, and may need training in the tracking tool(s). The project leader’s boss may not support time commitment to detailed tracking.

Line Based Progress Tracking. Line managers likely track progress within their lines. This is where the work is being done after all. One will need to collate line progress to portfolio level. This may be difficult if line tracking is a heterogeneous collection of methods. Line scientists are not likely to appreciate the need for progress tracking at the project level, nor understand the differences between projects. Thus compliance may be an issue with line based project tracking.

Portfolio Manager Based Progress Tracking. This method of tracking is less desirable since the portfolio manager is more removed from the action, but this may be the only way to get consistent tracking without compliance issues.
Regardless of the approach to project tracking, none of them will succeed without support from senior management. Again, it’s likely that senior management will align on project tracking more readily in Development than in Discovery.

We would be happy to sit down with you and discuss these options, develop an action plan, and help you execute your action plan to improve project progress tracking, please contact us.